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Business golf for women will be very important in years to come.  Although women comprise 20% of all golfers, 37% of new golfers are women and they buy 50% of all golf products outside of equipment!   (We didn't need a survey to tell us that!)

Shop at Lady
Shop at for all your clothes and accessories. This online shop sells modern, good quality clothes including skorts, polo shirts, Capri's and trousers and lots more. The majority of the clothes are designed by Daily Sports, Glenmuir, Rohnisch and Ping.
Windbreaker half sleeve in Anemone Pink from Rohnisch, from their ladies golf collection

Click here for more details
Ingrid Skort in Navy from Ping Collection of
ladies golfing wear.

Click here for more details
Half sleeve polo shirt by
Daily Sports
in White for women golfers.

Click here for more details
Holly short sleeve polo shire and Cora sleeveless vest in Kingfisher/White
by Glenmuir.

Click here for more details

Superb Golf Sandals
These sandals are made in England using high quality leather to provide today's golfer with cool and airy footwear combined with elegance and stylish looks.      For more details and how to buy a pair visit   They can be viewed under the Golf Shoes and Sandals heading on the products page.
Diane Leach who owns a pair says..........."what a lovely pair of shoes they are too! Not only do they look good they are really comfortable. I set off to play 18 holes with a supply of plasters and my old shoes tucked into my bulging golf bag half expecting to have to administer first aid to my feet somewhere along the way, but joy of joys that was not the case! Wonderful."

GoKart Motorised Golf Trolley
The GoKart electric golf trolley folds in one piece and there’s no fiddling about with catches and connectors either. Unfold it and clip the battery into place‚ that’s all you do to put the GoKart into a state of instant readiness.

There are two controls on the handle. A switch for on/off and a roller to control the speed. It’s a doddle to set the speed to match your walking pace. There’s nothing else to get the hang of; sliders, gauges, buttons that go “ping”; to distract you from what you’re really out there for, getting your name up in gold letters back at the clubhouse.

After winning your match, simply lift the battery out, press the green button and the whole trolley just curls up, compact and ready for bed.

There are several colours to choose from.

To find out how to buy this amazing golf trolley for just £224 including battery and charger visit
Golf Glasses

Specialist golf glasses from can be made with a prescription insert and are available with 3 additional sets of inter changeable lenses.

Swiftlick sports glasses from Bolle with interchangable lenses and optional prescription insert. These wrap around frames come with Gun Flash lenses and optional extra lenses.  Bolle Eagle vision 2 lenses enhance the green part of the colour spectrum great for highlighting breaks in the green when you can see like a pro you can putt for the dough! Prices include: Frame, scratch resistant lenses, hard case cleaning cloth.   Click on the advert above to get more details.
MacWet Golf Gloves

Do you hate playing in the rain?   Unfortunately, especially in Great Britain, you can never completely avoid it.   My dislike of wet conditions has, however, improved since buying a pair of MacWet gloves and I can recommend them.   They enable me to keep a good grip on the club even in the heaviest of rain.

The MacWet glove comes in a pair and is developed for the golfer who wants perfect grip in any climate condition. They have a breathable construction that reacts to temperature changes resulting in warm hands in cold conditions, cool hands in warm conditions but even when wet through, the gloves give better grip than any other golf glove available until now.  Alison Nicholas recommends these gloves and they were chosen and used by the European Solheim Cup Team 2000 when winning in Scotland.  

MacWet Golf Gloves are now available to buy online at

Fantastic Summer Golf Clothes from Daily Sports
Visit to buy the latest fashions from Daily Sports.

The clothing from the summer range includes easy to wear skorts, made from stretchy comfortable material. Coordinating tops complement the outfit.

There is also a good range of trousers and capris.

The skort on the right is style 009 and is available in two lengths and lots of colours.
The top shown on the right is style 018 and the skort is style 114. Both available in a good range of colours.
Identify and Personalise your Golf Clubs
Golf Labels help prevent against loss whilst on the course, travelling or on holiday.

Identify and personalise your golf clubs using high quality labels. The labels are weather resistant, tear resistant and chemical resistant and adhere securely to your club shaft just below the grip.

You can have the text of your choice on the label.

The labels also make a great gift if you are thinking what present you can buy the golfers you know.
The printed area of the label is 48mm x 25mm and the sample shown is expanded to give a better view. There are six colours to choose from so that you can match your clubs .

The cost of the labels is £15 including postage and packaging. To order a set of 16 labels please visit

If you are placing an order as a result of this advert promoting Golf Labels please identify "Business Ladies Golf" as the website from which you obtained this recommendation.

Great clothes for the Winter from Daily Sports

Visit to buy the latest fashions from Daily Sports.

We have clothes that are windproof and water repellent which will keep you both warm and dry. The designs are superb and very flattering. Wear them even if you don't hit a golf ball because they are good enough to wear off the golf course.

The gilet on the right has a removable fur collar and the trousers have a lining to keep out the wind and rain.

The Outrageous 19th - Perfect Golf Gifts for £10 & under!
This Great British Golf humour website plants it's tongue firmly in its cheek and looks at all that is dear to the golf enthusiast. The humour is in the time honoured "'saucy seaside postcard" tradition. There is no bad language and is only as rude as the reader!!! The site houses one of the funniest and most outrageous collections of golf humour with a free clubhouse section and free e-cards as well as an online shop full of outrageously funny gifts and prizes, including "Joy of Golf" book and a range of 16 golf greetings cards suitable for both men and lady golfers.

All Business Ladies Golf members can have free membership to the Outrageous 19th and 30% discount to all online products - just email: for your personal discount code. The website address is:

Asbri Golf for golfing accessories
Asbri Golf provides golfers with fresh, innovative and revolutionary designs of golfing accessories that are competitively priced without compromising design and quality. All gloves, bags and towels are aimed to achieve optimum performance that will meet the demands of the modern day golfer.
Seen here are soft digital leather ladies gloves combined with microfibre palm for ultimate weather grip.   Available in Flamingo, Angel and Meadow.   Visit for details.
The Wicked Worm hat is completely different because it has two peaks, to the front and back. It keeps out the glare and stops the rain getting down your neck. There's nothing else like it on the market. The hat has been trialed in all weather conditions, from Scotland to the south of England.
It comes in a variety of colours and is made of 100% waterproof, breathable microfibre tape sealed and lined for warmth. An elasticated inner band secures the hat in position in windy conditions. The hats are made in England, and quality and attention to detail have been the aim.
Cost, including packaging and post:
Waterproof Wicked Worm hat £26.00
Cotton Wicked Worm hat £18.00

Visit for more details
Calendar Girls go golfing!
If you feel these images are just too much and will put you off your game of golf, click here to see the Calendar Girls fully clothed!

You will see them modelling the Daily Sports and Abacus collection of golfing wear.   The clothes are made from modern, lightweight, top quality fabrics in the latest designs and are great for wearing both on and off the golf course.

Shop online at
Lady Golfer for clothes

Miss Spring
Miss Autumn
Miss Winter
After Dinner Horror Stories
Brian Voyle-Morgan is an after-dinner speaker and has also contributed to numerous radio and TV comedy shows (The Two Ronnies, They Think its All Over etc).   Brian has written a book full of true stories involving after dinner speaking, some involving stars from showbiz or sport. All of the events in these stories either involve Brian directly or have been told to him by those to whom they happened. Brian has spoken at 1700 dinners and lives to tell these tales. 

This book, priced at only £10.00, would make a great present.   Click here to order your copy.
Bogeys and Birdies
A great site to browse is which has over 1,000 items available for lady golfers. Products include jewellery, accessories, antiques, pictures, bags, birdie pins and much, much more.
Browse Amazon's website for books and video's on ladies golf
There are some good books about ladies golf on the Amazon website.
Amongst others, " Ladies Tee : Quips and Quotes for Women Who Golf" sounds a good buy.

I have also found a video for ladies only.    There's an added bonus - if you write the first review of this item you can earn a chance to win a £50 gift certificate!
Ladies Golf in Gloucestershire
A very interesting book entitled "A Celebration ... of Ladies' Golf in Gloucestershire" has just been published.   Even if you are not from the Gloucestershire area it will make a great read and the price is only £9.50p.   The book has been compiled by the Gloucestershire Ladies' County Golf Association.   Proceeds of the sale will be put back into a worthy fund for lady golfers which will be chosen by the GLCGA.  Please email me should you wish to know more details.   It would make a great present!

  The Monk - GolfBag RainCover! Protect your golf clubs in the rain with this compact and lightweight raincover


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